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These rare overdrive units are now hard to find and fairly expensive to install. Using a rugged, time-proven Nissan 5 speed transmission, we offer a completely bolt-in conversion for MGBs with 5 main bearing engines that requires no body modifications. Building the kit to your order usually requires about two weeks.

When completed, you will enjoy these benefits:. You might find similar kits available online but our kit offers some unique features not found elsewhere:. The original MGB gearbox was created for the small winding roads of the British countryside, not the long, straight highways of the American West. Whether your car is a daily driver or a weekend road tripper, it could undoubtably use a boost when it comes to mountain motoring.

This conversion corrects the lack of an overdriven top gear on most original MGs. The Nissan 5 speed conversion allows you to drive at highway speeds with lower revs than possible with a standard transmission. The original MG engine was not built to sustain speeds of 75 miles per hour for extended periods of time.

Without the conversion, the longer stroke and higher revs need to sustain such a speed will wear on the engine over years of use. Overdriven top gears, whether provided by an original unit or a new Nissan unit, allow the engine to operate at lower revs, saving it from unnecessary wear and tear. Now an autumn jaunt in the mountains, a summer road trip out west, or even an afternoon picnic in the park becomes a more enjoyable experience all around. By sportscarcraftsmen. When completed, you will enjoy these benefits: A commonly available, sturdy gearbox with overdriven 5th gear ratio.

We can offer information, documentation, and guidance for using the conversion in those cars. Nissan 5 Speed Conversion The Nissan 5 speed conversion allows you to drive at highway speeds with lower revs than possible with a standard transmission.

Recent Posts.The only Datsun that came with a 5-speed was the Japan-market GX-5 model. However any A-series 5-speed will bolt to the A12 engine and work in a as-is or with some degree of modification.

The Datsun GX-5 model came with a non-overdrive five speed. B and Bs came with various 5-speeds that can be fitted to B Adding an overdrive 5-speed is one of the best improvements that can be made to the Datsun More relaxed, quieter, more fuel-efficient highway cruising will result. This was Mareo's idea, and I think he might be right.

This is the GX5 transmission, it provides an extra gear in-between 1st and Top. These gears allow you to shift more often, keeping the engine in the fattest part of the rev range for quicker acceleration. The only A-series gearbox that is non-overdrive like this is the 56A 5-speed.

On the other hand, if you don't do much highway driving consider that the A12 4-speed is lighter and cost less. It's also better suited to the stock A12 torque curve than any of the overdrive gearboxes. It has a relatively steep 1st gear for effortless take-offs even with 4 passengers, yet still allow a 90 mph top speed, while 80 mph cruising RPM is perfectly do-able if a bit noisy.

Also, a 5-speed won't improve your top speed. Datsun top speed is about 95 mph and is HP limited not gearing limited. Highest speed in the GX5 is achieved in 4th gear as it needs to run at RPM to make enough power. Any A-series rear-wheel-drive 5-speed will bolt up to any A-engine. Slight modifications may be needed to fit into Datsun In USA, the B 5-speed is common and inexpensive. Just look for a Datsun Nissan body type B aka Sunny. The B 5-speeds are less common, but go for the same price if you find one prices last checked in Most of the 5-speeds use a " dogleg " shift-pattern aka 'reverse shift'.

They often put N or R after the regular number. Without or without the 'N' suffix, that number describes the 56A five speed 'Option 1' close ratio competition transmission for these models. These were racing parts, and thus are difficult to find and expensive. Some Japanese dealers fitted them to retail GX models for special customers.Selling this boxter for my nephew who moved to Europe, not in a hurry to sell it so no silly offers Also not expert in Porsche so don't ask much it's drives great 2.

This Australian assembled car is likely the most highly developed MG Midget for sale anywhere. The original engine has been bored to cc, fully balanced of course, fitted with an Eaton supercharger and one-off cold air induction box, produces over bhp.

Refurbished Warner syncro 5 speed standard H pattern 6 cylinder gearbox Japanese used import. Buyer to arrange own freight. Datsun GX Coupe for sale. This was a bolt and nut restore.

Further details available on request. New intake New stainless steel exhaust New Ute head Electronic distributor Head job, port and polish, crank polished All engine components new 5 speed gearbox Suspension All rubbers replaced Body: No rust Body solid as hell Only sprayed once Extras: New 15" w.

For sale Datsun L series 4 speed manual gearbox. I ended up buying a full rebuilt 5speed for my project so no longer need this box. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. Suggested Searches: datsun 5 speed 5 speed celica gearbox 4 stud Filters List. Search alert Get notified when new items are posted. Search alert. Price Minimum Price. Maximum Price. Price Type Fixed Price 7 Negotiable 2.

Offer Type Offering 9. Most recent. Bankstown Area Chester Hill. Toowoomba City Rockville. Joondalup Area Mullaloo. Meander Valley Deloraine. The Hills District Middle Dural. Whitehorse Area Burwood. Unley Area Goodwood.

Gold Coast City Bundall. Belconnen Area Higgins. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. All Rights Reserved.Your home for Datsun Roadster Parts and Accessories.

Used in conjunction with part Some may use part which is less expensive and more straight forward. Installed photo shows this boot used in conjunction with the minus the vinyl shift boot which is a alternative method of attachment.

MGB 5 speed conversion

NOTE: There are some aftermarket, made in Thailand, boots currently being sold that are made of a hard, 90 durometer, rubber and do not flex with the shifter in position. They do not have the pebbled, original finish as well. Our shift boot is the correct original durometer. Left is the elusive smaller version which is no longer available.

56-Series Transmission

Some modify the hole in the tunnel slightly larger to accept the newer boot. Nissan had a run of defective boots that were gooey and discharging liquid. We rejected any and all that showed up to our warehouses. NO gooey ones here. Our inventory only reflects boots that are made properly.

Will not harden and deteriorate like the Nissan counterpart. Lifetime warranty. Choose the appropriate sizes. Each tooth on a speedometer pinion gear represents 5 miles per hour. If the speedometer is running too high you need to get a gear with more teeth to slow it down. If the speedometer is running too slow you need to get a gear with less teeth to speed it up. One longer length for both the and For superior sealing use our new inner seal Click here to view this part.

Many prefer these over the "softer" Nissan bushings or the aluminum bushings that Nissan Motor Sports carried. With the short shifter your wrist will have to angle down slightly to the knob to shift. The medium is also longer and it has more "lever - mechanical advantage", some saying that it is easier to move through gears. Both available you decide which one to buy. Correctly threaded and fits the original Nissan knobs.

This is the pinion that came with the original 5 speeds on the Nissan's description - Front bell housing gasket, front cover o-ring, 2 control arm o-rings, starting rod o-ring, metal cap for o-ring starter rod, front seal and rear seal, 2 copper sealing washers, 2-gasket rear extension and speedometer drive gear inner seal and o-ring for outer speedometer housing, delrin shift lever bushing set. Mark has repaired hundreds of these gears, is an expert at welding and all of the post welding procedures performed to insure a proper functioning gear.

datsun 5 speed gearbox

Do not attempt to fix this with any type of welding, too much heat, as the gear can become distorted on one side causing the caged bearings to seize in the gear.

Gentle and proper honing, on the welded side of the gear, is necessary after welding.Perform the shop work required to do this installation using good shop safety and workmanship practices. With the transmission get: gearshift lever, throw out bearing carrier and fork; and for exchange purposes get the output yoke driveshaft front yoke.

If the car is to be used on the street, obtain the stock Datsun speedometer cable and housing. Also purchase: C. Throw out bearing fits R. Toyota Corolla, Celica, etc. It is suggested that a new transmission rear oil seal be installed. Use CR a 30x45x10 metric seal. Many are found to already be dented here to ease installation of the stock units. If you are unwilling to put a dent in the heater duct, the engine can be installed without this with some effort.

Use the option seal listed above in the rear of the transmission. This gives some extra installation room. If the engine has a vibration damper on the front pulley it may have to be removed, reinstalling it after the engine has been lowered into place.

Remove flywheel. Remove only the bolts in the rear engine plate that will be replaced by the adapter plate bolts. Try not to break the gasket seal between the plate and the engine block. If broken, it should be replaced. Install the adapter with the countersunk head screws furnished. Use the nuts, lock washers and flat washers on the bottom two bolts.

Remove the pilot bushing and install the special bushing furnished, driving it in up to the shoulder. Lube the bushing. Reinstall flywheel. Install and align the clutch disc furnished using the stock pressure plate. Carefully measure the distance from the rear surface of the clutch throw out bearing contact pad on the clutch pressure plate to the back side of the adapter plate.

Use a straight edge across the clutch pressure plate. If the clutch cover holds the straight edge off the contact pad, measure this distance and subtract it from the distance from the straight edge to the back of the adapter. See photo 1 and 2. From this mark, measure straight back onto the side of the transmission 3" and mark. Centered on this mark, drill a 2" hole using a hole saw. Saw from each edge of this hole forward to the transmission front flange, making a "U" shaped slot to clear the starter drive.

The two bottom bolt holes in the Datsun transmission are threaded holes.

Datsun 5 speed transmission disassembly 720 truck

A rib on the bottom of the transmission will interfere with the bolts to be installed here. File or grind the rib to make clearance for these bolts. Remove the gearshift lever.

Check the pivot bushing for the lever. Most are found bad. A new bushing is Nissan part HPhoto is just a sample. These all come out of ZX close ratio versions. Once they are ordered I rebuild and ship them within weeks as we are on back order now. These are low mileage cores that get a complete rebuild kit installed.

Includes new bearings, syncros, gaskets and seals then a hot tank cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. We carefully inspect each transmission to make sure you receive a top quality unit. Our licensed master builders have years of experience and make sure each unit is built correctly. This is the close-ratio ZX 5-speed with the 0.

Item added to cart. California Datsun is a professional licensed Datsun Restoration Business. All we sell are quality new and restored parts that are sure to fit your special application. Our goal is customer loyalty and we want your return business. Our feedback rating is one of the best and our website is listed with several customer reviews. Part Search. See all for. Race Re-Grind Camshaft.

datsun 5 speed gearbox

View Product. Why use us? Shipping Special. Most small items ship free for FREE or at a low flat rate charge depending on size.

Exceptions for heavy items such as transmissions, cylinder heads, headers, exhaust, brake kits, and engines. Stay Connected.The series is the stock Datsun transmission. Standard models used 3-speed 56s, while most models used 4-speed versions. The Datsun GX-5 used a 5-speed version. It was designed to handle the torque of an A12 or A13, but for A14 and A15 engines a Series Transmission is recommended.

There were also FWD versions of the 56 gearbox. These are manufactured by Aichi Machine. Album click to view. A, B, or C is the evolutionary series for the box as they get older.

Some boxes have an L suffix for long extension housing versions. Direct drive boxes have a "direct drive" suffix after the box numbers. The T holds true for export models as well. The full body codes aren't on the underhood plate, but you'll see some of the extended codes on the cover of the owners manual. This was a remote-shift box with a steering-column mounted shifter. The stock sport transmission is fine for city driving. It has wide-spaced gears to allow a steep 1st for easy takeways.

The option 1 middle-close gear set alleviates the 2nd-into-3rd RPM drop that exists with the stock 4-speed. Reference: Nissan Competition Catalog. The option 2 ultra-close gear set has excellent ratios for racing. Post click for topic Post click for topic.

RHD uses a bellcrank release lever, early series Album click to view Album click to view. Also look for the distinctive "ribbing" around the circumference of the front case.

datsun 5 speed gearbox

Other Nissan transmission are more smooth. This is in various places on the right side of the case. It may be a production variation. The three speed appears to have been discontinued with the introduction of the 56A series. The 56A versions are just a model revision, with slight changes.

It was then fitted to Bs at introduction and at the same time export Bs from April of were supplied with the 56A. Note that the 4-speed transmission was redesigned for the 56A revision.

Gearsets are not interchangable between early and late transmissions.

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